Skills Services Taught

What You Learn In The Barber School

What do you learn in The Barber School? The Barber School teaches the secrets of Master Barber Tim Hite. Mr. Hite is one of the most experienced Barber instructors and has spent over 60 years in the industry.  Students are taught the principles behind barbering rather than how to cut a specific hair cut.  The intent is to empower each student to be able to be successful for decades.  Haircut and trends change but principles do not.

No Guards Here

Clipper guards or attachments are not a part of the curriculum .   Barbering is an art form that requires skill and an understanding of the principles behind each cut.  Guards and attachments are meant to compensate for lack of skill.  Every amateur uses guards.  Students at The Barber School are taught professional techniques that do NOT include the use of guards.  It is these skills that will allow students to separate themselves from their competition and be in high demand.

Test Preparations

The Barber School assists students to pass the state practical and written exam in order to obtain a barber license. Our classroom is designed with modern classroom facilities in order to provide a healthy learning environment.

It is the goal of The Barber School to help all students pass the state board exams with the first try.  Currently 98% of all students have passed the state board exams on the first attempt.

Barber Techniques

The Barber Techniques taught at The Barber School are designed to help students start down the path to becoming master barbers. The Barber School teaches a wide variety of skills and barber techniques and many of those are listed below.

Services & Skills Taught

  • Men’s Hair Cutting
    • Taper
    • Side and Back Fade
    • High and Tight
    • Flat Top
    • Buzz
    • Military
    • Razor Cutting
    • Business Professional
    • Spiky
    • Other Styles
  • Men’s Grooming
    • Beard and Mustache Trim
    • Other Facial Hair Trim
    • Facial Shaving
  • Scalp Treatments
    • Scalp & Facial Massage
    • Shampooing and Hair Care
  • Women’s Basic Haircutting
    • Basic Styles
  • Other Skills Taught
    • Networking Skills
    • Client Interaction
    • Product Support
    • Interviewing/Job Placement Skills
    • Theory applied to Professional Barbering

Job Placement

The Barber School assists each student with the necessary skills to find a job after graduation. The Barber School has continuous relationships with outside Barber shops throughout the state. There are numerous shops and salons that are waiting for our graduates.