Barber School

The Barber School Experience

The Barber School provides an experience in a live barber setting. The majority of the time spent at school is spent cutting hair under the direction of some of the best instructors in the industry.  The amount of practice on live individuals is hard to be matched at any other school.

We do things differently

The Barber School teaches the lost secrets of Barbering based on principles that are highly effective.  Students are taught a process that has proven to provide unmatched results.  Students graduate from The Barber School empowered with skills that are superior to any other “new way of cutting”.  The methods taught at The Barber School provide explosive results and enable students to cut hair at an extremely high level.

The Barber School teaches free-hand hair cutting techniques without the use of guards or attachments.   Students are taught the finest barbering techniques that are proven to provide a smoother haircut in a shorter amount of time. Students that learn these techniques are in high demand and can work in any shop of their choosing or eventually work in a successful shop of their own.

Barbering Classes: Our Instructors

The barbering classes offered provide instruction from some of the most experienced barbers in the country. Each of the instructors have decades of experience as traditional Barbers and as instructors.

The Barber School teaches the techniques of Master Barber Tim Hite. Mr. Hite is an expert of experts. He has over 60 years of experience. It is said that he is one of the greatest Barbers of our time. Mr. Hite has personally taught more individuals the proven techniques of barbering than anyone else alive.

Hair cutting without guards

Barbering is an art form that requires the skill and an understanding of the principles behind each cut.  Guards and attachments are meant to compensate for lack of skill.  Students at The Barber School are taught professional, free-hand techniques without the use of guards.  These skills of the trade separate the professional from the amateur and are highly sought after by customer and shop owners.

Test Preparations

The barbering classes offered are designed to assist students to pass the state practical and written exam in order to obtain a Barber license.  The class room is designed with modern facilities that provide the most effective learning environment possible.

The Barber School currently has over a 98% pass rate for the state board examinations.